Gio Pellicer Creative, Writer and Fashion Director | Féminin Films Fashion Film and Photography 
Sofía Maya and Amanda Fernández DOP and Super8 | Alberto Molina Art Director and Set Designer |  Amanda Fernández Camera and Edit | Sofía Maya Color grading and Postproduction | Carmen Duran Model Agency | Borja Flores Graphic Design | Karla Gabaldón / Let's Makeup School MUA and Hair |  Jorge Navarro, Pablo Martínez and Samba Diaw Garçons | Sofía Maya Music | Alejandro Fuertes Production | Convent Carmen Location


Design for the editorial and Fashion Film 'Medusa' by Pellicer Estudio. The Fashion Film was in the final selection at the 5th International Awards @fashionfilmfestivalistanbul.

"As written by Ovid in Metamorphosis, Medusa was transformed in the monster we all know after she was raped by Poseidon in Athenea temple. Athena's wrath made her blame and punish Medusa stirring her hair in snakes. Now anyone who looked she would turn to stone but not because she wanted to. The boys on the jellyfish Fashion Film realizes that, and even they turn into stone, they Don't blame her. They could look through your eyes and see the it hurts inside her."​​​​​​​


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